• Pattern of Purpose: Discovering Who You Are
    by Dr. R.A. Powell  forward by Les Brown

    This book provides a detailed examination of the principles, concepts and characteristics of a purpose driven life, including:

    Where Am I From?
    Identity Crisis.
    What Am I Wired To Do?
    Everything Begins With A Thought.
    The Importance of Convenant Relationships.

    Qualified Bookings And Speaking Engagements

    Dr. Powell is engaged in a diversity of speaking formats. A Leadership Training Coach (Certified through Leadership Training International), an Evangelistic approach through Norfolk Seminary Bible College, a Motivational Speaker mentored by Les Brown as well as a Platinum Member of the Les Brown Speakers Brewers Network.

    For Booking, please contact: 757-729-2148 or
    [email protected]

Patterns of Purpose
Discovery Who You Are